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What test is conducted to assess the patency of the radial and ulnar arteries and the collateral circulation in order to reduce risk of ischemia prior to radial arterial blood sampling or cannulation?

Allen's Test


What are the general steps for conducting the Allen test?

1) Patient places hand palm up
2) Pressure is applied over the Radial and Ulnar arteries
3) Patient makes a fist for about 30 sec.
4) Patient opens hand
5) Ulnar occlusion is released
6) Return of color within 7 seconds indicates patent ulnar artery
7) ABG or cannulation of the Radial artery may now occur


Branches of what arteries supply blood to the hand?

Radial Artery
Ulnar Artery


Which artery branches near the wrist into superficial and deep branches in which the superficial branch gives rise to the superficial palmar arch?

Ulnar artery


Which artery completes the remainder of the superficial palmar arch?

Superficial branch of Radial artery


The anatomical snuff box is formed by which tendons of the hand?

Abductor pollicis longus
Extensor pollicis brevis
Extensor pollicis longus


What nerve provides cutaneous innervation to the anatomical snuff box and surrounding area?

Superficial branch of radial nerve


What are the muscles located between the metacarpals and which are responsible for abduction of the digits and which are responsible for adduction of the digits?

Interossei Muscles
-4 Dorsal Interosseous Muscles: Abduct digits
-3 Palmar interosseous Muscles: Adduct digits


Which nerve innervates the Interossei muscles?

Ulnar Nerve deep branch


All muscles of the posterior compartment are innervated by which nerve?

Radial Nerve


The origin of the Long Head of the Triceps Brachii?

Infraglenoid Tubercle of Scapula


The origin of the Lateral head of the Triceps Brachii?

Humerus (Posterior, superior to radial groove)


The origin of the Medial head of the Triceps Brachii?

Humerus (Posterior, inferior to radial groove)


The Triceps Brachii insertion?

Olecranon Process of Ulna (via triceps brachii tendon)


What are the actions of the Triceps Brachii?

-Extends forearm at elbow joint
-Extends arm at shoulder joint


Which nerve innervates the Triceps brachii?

Radial Nerve


What is the major muscle of the posterior compartment?

Triceps Brachii


Which head of the Triceps Brachii is the only head with origin above the shoulder joint?

Long Head of the Triceps Brachii


Which muscles has its origin at the lateral epicondyle of the posterior Humerus and insertion at the upper posterior surface of the ulnar olecranon?



What is the action of the Anconeus muscle?

Extension of forearm
(Assists the triceps brachii)


The Anconeus is innervated by which nerve?

Radial Nerve


What is the name of the major artery that supplies the arm and is a continuation of the axillary artery?

Brachial Artery


Where does the Brachial Artery extend from and to where?

-From: Lower border of teres major
-To: Inferior part of the cubital fossa


What does the Brachial artery terminate as? (Branches into what arteries)

Terminates as Radial and Ulnar Arteries


What are the Branches of the Brachial artery prior to termination point and which is the major, deep branch?

-Profunda Brachii Artery: Major and deep
-Ulnar Collaterals


What are the Superficial and Deep major veins of the arm?

-Superficial: Cephalic and Basilic Vein
-Deep: Brachial Vein


What veins of the arm are located beneath the skin and are superficial to the brachial fascia throughout much of their course?

Cephalic and Basilic Veins


What may occur if the if the Median Cubital vein is very large?

Divert most/all blood to Basillic vein. Superior Cephalic may be absent


What are the Four main nerves that provide innervation of the upper extremity?

Musculocutaneous Nerve
Radial Nerve
Median Nerve
Ulnar Nerve


Of the four main nerves which two have no branches in the arm?

Median Nerve
ulnar Nerve