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What is Horizontal Communication?

Communication between individuals at the same level of organizational authority.


Does Horizontal communication always occur when it needs to?

Not Always


Is Horizontal Communication a good thing?



What are the Barriers to Horizontal Communication?

1) Specialization- Like high school cliques

2) Rivalry- not uncommon of sports teams. People want to be the best.

3) No Motivation- exercising or doing homework


Why is Specialization a barrier?

People are not comfortable w/ the other person or do not like the other person.


Why is Rivalry a barrier?

The company needs horizontal communication even if single departments don't think so.


What are the 4 strategies to Horizontal Communication?

1) Schedule it- send out an email w/ special details

2) Emphasize- the inter-relatedness of departmental and organizational goals.

3) Having NO horizontal- the president is overwhealmed

4) TOO MUCH horizontal- the president isn't "in the loop"


The 5 steps to the Appraisal Interviewing Process?

1) Manager & Employee meet to discuss the job description.

2) Employee sets goals

3) Manager & Employee discuss the goals

4) Establish checkpoints- writing finalized goals and how they will be measured

5) Meet @ checkpoint to review performance.


How can you eliminate the 5 step process if the Appraisal Interviewing Process?

By having GOOD DAILY communication with your employees


Why would you have the employee set goals rather than the employer?

The employee will be more committed if they create the goals.


Why is it so important to have step 1 in the Appraisal Interviewing Process?

You need an agreement on what the problem is. You need people on the same page.


How do you know if something is formal or informal?

If there is two people in the office having sexual relations making it official with the HR makes it formal communication.


If Jane tells Carol that Bill and Linda are having a romantic relationship, would this be formal or informal communication?

It is NOT Jane's job to tell anyone that bill and Linda are in a relationship. This is INFORMAL. Only Bill and Linda can make their relationship official, if their is a relationship.


What are the 3 causes of Increased Grapevine Activity?

1) When employees experience difficulty in using formal communication

2) When managers withhold important information

3) When employees are worried about their jobs


When a manager observes a lot of Grapevine Activity happening in the company, why should they not ignore the spike in activity?

It could be information they need to stop or need to know about.


What are 2 ways to deal with or influence Grapevine Activity?

1) Through leaders of the Grapevine.

2) Being Approchable


Can managers walk over to the Grapevine and put information into it?

NO. Only the leaders can put information in and take it out of the Grapevine


What type of information would you give to the leader in the Grapevine?

1) Information other employees want

2) Information that effects employees

3) Current information (if possible)


A comprised group of individuals who have a majority of their communicative interactions with a person or people in he group, are what type of group?

Communication Group


What is a Liaison Individual?

Has the majority of his or her communicative interactions with people in more than 1 communication group.
(this person is not in a particular group)


Can a person be individually in a communication group? Why?

You cannot have the majority in more than one group

EX: you cant put $51 in the bank A and $52 in bank B, when you only have $100


What is a Bridge Individual?

A member f a communication group who interacts with one or more members of one or more communication groups.


What is an Isolate individual?

Has 2 or fewer daily communication interactions


Under what network would we expect the massage to get across? Why would this not be the best decision?

A liaison.
The office can loose their main line of communication.


When hiring women of all the same stature, why would you choose Jane ( a potential liaison) and NOT Carol ( a liaison)?

Jan has the ability to become a manager. If you remover Jane from her position now, it will not effect the office much.

If you choose Carol their stature in the office can be taken away from their original offices can cause problems for your company.