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How do you deal with a rumor?

Usually a rumor is always false.
To stop a rumor you release to true facts and let the facts kill the rumor.


What is a rumor?

Information that is without evidence to confirm.


What are the important aspect to communication?

Communication is ... "The Sharing Of Meaning"

The meaning behind symbols is learned through .. "Experiences"


What is the communication equation?

The meaning Received/ Gained by receiver
The meaning Intended by the Sender


Do words have meaning?

We give them meaning.


What is the difference between communication and the communication process?

Communication- the sharing of meaning. You can not have communication without the communication process.

But going through the process does not always end with the "sharing of meaning"


What is the communication process?

1. You have an idea
2. you put an idea into a message form
3. send the message
4. the message is received
5. the receiver must be aware of the message


What are the Causes of Miss- Communication?

1. Inferences-

2. Bypassing

3. Allness


What is a strategy to avoid the miss communication of an inference?

A. Be aware of your inferences

B. Label your inferences


What is a strategy to avoid the miss communication of bypassing?

A. Be person-minded, NOT word-minded

B. Ask questions
C. Paraphrase


What is the strategy to avoid the miss communication of Allness?

Develop a genuine humility that you can't say or know everything about anything.


What is abstracting when it comes to Allness?

Forcing on some details while neglecting others


What is leadership?

Accomplishing goals with and through others.


How do you analyze the "maturity" level of followers?

1. Task-relevant education &/or experience of the follower

2. Ability to accept task-relevant responsibility

3. Willingness to accept task-relevant responsibility

4. Achievement motivation


How to tell the appropriate leadership style?

There is NO best way to lead.
It depends on the situation.

It involves both task and behavior relationships.


The 2 step strategy for developing people (workers)?

1. Reduce task (take a risk)
2. Increase relationship behavior


Why don't you do a big task behavior than a small one?

It's too much to handle. You would fail!


What is the "telling" quadrant?

A) Use words that will be as easily interpreted as intended
B) Provide feedback on preformance
C) Explain the reasons for the rules and policies
D) Watch your para-language


What is the "selling" quadrant?

(Two-way communication)

A) sell the workers on the importance of their work
B) DO NOT emphasize on status difference
C) Indicate that you want to know about problems that they experience on the job.


What is the "participating" quadrant?

(there is shared decision making)

A) communicate that you do not have all the answers
B) use proprietorial phrases, such as "could it be" or "possibly" or "perhaps"
C) Generalize orders


What is the "delegating" quadrant?

(the followers can run their own show)

A) be a good listener
B) encourage horizontal communication


What is an Inference?

when treated as a fact.. the comm. is lost


What is Bypassing?

when 2 people are not on the same wavelength


What is Allness?

the attitude of a person who does not realize he or she is abstracting