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Any system that can be broken down into its components parts and each piece can be analyzed on its own vacuum, can be called what?

System Theory


What is the difference between Open and Closed systems?

OPEN- allows free movement of energy, info, ideas, data, people, etc. across organizational boundaries.

CLOSED- deliberately shut themselves off from the outside environment.

** sometimes w/ disastrous results, as markets expand , and become more open, competition intensifies, leaving companies unable to keep up with the new buiz environment.


What does communication climate refer to?

The communication climate is created by the behaviors and attitudes.

Org. climate is affected by how decision making owner is shared and how supportive coworkers and managers work together.


What are the 4 methods of sharing power?

1. Give people important work to do on critical issues.

2. Give people discretion & autonomy over their tasks & resources.

3. Give visibility to other, and provide resignation for their efforts.

4. Build relationships for others, connecting them w/ powerful people and finding them sponsors and mentors.


Provide 1 example for Managing Diversity

EX: A woman is hired as the new manager. The past managers before her were both men. She takes the same measures as the men by keeping distance between her employees to be professional. Although, she does get to know them personally and create closer relationships.

The woman took an informal way of being a manager while the men went a more formal way when managing.


How can cohesiveness effect group communication?

- The quality and quantity of communication are more extensive
- Exert greater influence over their members
- Achieve goals more effectively
- Satisfaction is greater


The tendency of group members seek agreement solely for agreement's sake, is called what?



What are the symptoms of GroupThink?

1. The groups tendency to view itself as omnipotent

2. Closed Mindedness

3. Pressure toward uniformity


How do you minimize GroupThink?

- Group members must question themselves and their actions to ensure high-quality decision making.

- Have each group member discuss the group's communications and actions w/ trusted outsiders to obtain an untainted and objective viewpoint

- Have a measure of cultural diversity within a group


What is a Self-Managing Team?

Small groups of employees who share the responsibility for a significant task.


How does a Self-Managing Team work?

Employees work together to solve day-to-day problems and are involved in planning and coordination activities.

They do not need to report directly to supervisor.


Provide one example of Reasoning.

Sign Reasoning:
Drawing conclusions from simple observations.

EX: You hear the firstation bell and assume there is a fire.
You see heavy clouds and assume it will rain today.
You see a flag at half mass and assure someone important must have passed away.


What is Nominal Group Technique?

Allows groups to discuss problems and solutions in a relatively structured setting.


What are the 5 steps to the Nominal Group Technique?

1. Preparation- group leader prepares a question

2. Silent Generation of Ideas- after the pre Q has happened the time that is now given to write ideas related to the Q.

3. Round-Robin Recording- leader calls on each person and asks for an idea.

4. Discussion- clarifies any confusion among group about ideas.

5. Voting- Members make decision based on ideas given.