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What are some problems poor listeners experience? Provide examples.

- their success is limited. They cannot take advantage of opportunities if they do not listen for them.

- It will cost you. not listening is a waste of time.

- You are perceived as less intelligent. People think that you are not capable of handling what is being said.


What is the difference between hearing and listening?

Hearing ... is a physiological activity that is involuntary where sound waves stimulate nerve pulses to the brain.

Listening... is a physiological and voluntary process that goes beyond simply reacting to sounds and includes understanding, analyzing, evaluating, and responding,


What are threes types of listening?

1. Empathetic listening

2. Analytical listening

3. Appreciative listening


What are 2 situational factors that effect listening?

1. Speaker's Communication Style

2. Emotional Distractions


What are the 3 D's?

1. Distraction
2. Disorientation
3. Defensiveness


What is the difference between Blake & Mouton's Managerial Grid and Henry and Blancher's Situational Grid?

B&M - biggest concern was on the grids.

H&B - focuses on behavior of the grids.


What is the 4 step strategy for Management Change in an Organization?

1. Anticipate the problem that are likely to occur when a vision is implemented. Back-up plan can help avoid problems.

2. Focus the organization on the vision. The leader can modify the vision or solve the problem.

3. Leaders and employees alike look at results rather that processes. This enables everyone to consider alternative approaches to the task.

4. Build a strong supportive network of people committed to change. These positions must have power, maintain strong relationships, and highly motivated.


What are the Competing Goals creating conflicts?

Content goals

Relational goals


What is a Speaker's Communication Style?

An application of special listening. Some people talk rapidly, gesture broadly. These can distract from the messages. No expressions, slow talking. These can cause second-guessing on the message.


What is Emotional Distractions?

Emotionally aroused people react effectively and create problems you already have


What is a content goal?

involve apparent issues or obvious reasons for a dispute.


What is a Relational goal?

define each party's importance to the other, the emotional distance they wish to maintain, to influence each other, degree to which the parties are seen as a unit, or right each party is willing to grant each other.


What is Empathetic Listening?

concentrates on feelings or attitudes of he speaker rather than on the message.


What is Analytical Listening?

encompasses a concentration on the content and includes understanding, interpreting, and analyzing the message.


What is Appreciative Listening?

is used to judge the aesthetic value of what is heard, like a public speech or play.