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Oxygen System

The system consists of a main system supplying the cockpit crew and the pax. A portable unit supplies the cabin attendant.


Main oxygen bottle specs

2188L (77cuft)
1850psi nominal pressure, reduced to 78psi in the distribution system.
LOPR light when distribution is below 50psi


Crew masks

3 Quick donning masks provide the cockpit crew with 120 mins of diluted O2 in the normal setting, 15 mins on %100.


Cabin Attendant Bottle

Provides 30mins diluted O2 at 13000ft for 1FA.


Passenger Oxygen System

The main system provides pax protection through the PAX SUPPLY valve. Allows diluted O2 through 12 masks for %25 of the pax for 30 minutes in addition to the 120 minute supply for the crew.


How many fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles onboard? Where are they?

3 fire extinguishers (2 halon, 1 water). 1 halon located in the cockpit, 1 water in the fwd cabin and 1 halon in the aft cabin.

2 oxygen bottles, main O2 in the cockpit and portable in the aft cabin.