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AFCS (Description)

AFCS achieves:
-Autopilot and or yaw damper function
-Flight Director function
-Altitude Alert
It's components include:
-1 computer
-1 control panel
-1 Advisory display unit (ADU)
-3 servo-actuators (1 for each axis)


AFCS Computer

It generates commands to the flight control actuators and the flight director by Processing data from:
-2 Air Data Computers (ADC)
-2 Altitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
-2 Symbol Generator Units (SGU)
-the Radio Altimeter
-the GPS


Autopilot Manual Disconnect

-AP pb on AFCS control panel
-YD pb on AFCS control panel (Yaw Damper only)
-AP Quick Disconnect Pb
-Normal pitch trim Rocker
-GA pb on the Power Levers
-STBY Pitch Trim Switch
-Force on the Rudder Pedals in excess of 66lbs
-Force on the Control Column in excess of 22lbs


Autopilot Auto Disconnect

-1 of the engagement conditions of the AP or YD is no longer met
-Stall Warning occurs
-Disagreement between the 2 AHRS or the 2 ADC
-A mismatch between the 2 pitch trims


Autopilot Minimum Engagement Altitude

For Takeoff
-100' (500' as per 121.579)
For other than TO or APP
-1000' (500' as per 121.579)
For VS or IAS mode during APP or for CAT1 APP Mode
-160' (50' as per 121.579)


Autopilot NAV Mode for VOR Approach

Use of AP or FD is authorized only if:

-A Co-Located DME is available, and
-DME HOLD is not selected