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Alert Levels

Level 3: Warnings
Identified by:
- the MW light, a CRC and red warning light on the CAP
-a specific aural warning

Level 2: Cautions
Identified by the MC light and a SC

Level 1: Advisories
Identified by a local amber light without a chime

Level 0: Information
Identified by blue, green or white lights on the control panels


TO INHI inhibits which alerts?

ENG OIL warning;
All smoke warnings;
All CAP amber lights except, EFIS COMP (for ADC sw fault) and FLT CTL (for TLU fault and FLAP ASYM)


Cancel TO INHI

RCL pb
Gear retracted


TO CONFIG pb checks which systems?

-FLT CTL for pitch trim and or wing flaps not in the TO configuration;
-ENG when PWR MGT is not set to TO position
-TLU FAULT light if the TLU is not in LO SPD configuration
Parking Brake engaged (not on TO CONFIG Test)


Stall Alarm Alert System is inhibited when?

-Stall Alarm Alert and Shaker are inhibited on the ground

-Stick pusher activation is inhibited:
On the ground;
During the 10s after liftoff;
In flight, if radio altimeter is operative, when descending below 500'


Stick Pusher Fault Light Illuminates when?

If the radio altimeter gives an erroneous 180IAS for more than 120s stick pusher will be inhibited.