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TCF Mode

The Terrain Clearance Floor (TCF) mode creates an increasing terrain clearance envelope around the airport runway directly related to the distance from the runway.


Terrain Awareness and Display Mode

This function uses the aircraft geographic position from the GPS, aircraft altitude and a worldwide terrain database to predict potential conflict between the aircraft flight path and the terrain, and to provide aural alert and graphic displays of the conflicting terrain.


Global Navigation Satellite System

The Global Navigation Management System (GNSS) receives and processes Global Positioning System (GPS) Signals. The GNSS provides en route and terminal area guidance, autopilot coupling, roll steering and vertical deviation (non-coupled), along defined flight plan, selected on the MCDU.



The Enhanced Gound Proximity Warning System provides visual and aural alerts in case of dangerous flight path conditions which would result inadvertent ground contact if maintained.
The EGPWS performs the following alert modes: Basic GPWS modes
* Mode 1: excessive descent rate
* Mode 2: excessive terrain closure rate
* Mode 3: altitude loss after take-off
* Mode 4: unsafe terrain clearance
* Mode 5: below glideslope
* Mode 6: altitude callouts
Enhanced modes:
* Terrain Clearance Floor (TCF)
* Terrain Awareness & Display (TAD)