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κηρυξαντες τον λογον προσεκυνησαν τῳ θεῳ.

After proclaiming the word, they worshipped God.


ὁ πεμψας αὐτον σωζει.

The one who sent him saves.


οἱ μαρτυρουντες κηρυξουσιν.

The ones who bear witness will preach.


μακαριος ἐστιν ὁ βλεπων τον θεον.

The one who sees God is blessed.


ὁ πιστευων λεγει την εἰρηνεν.

The faithful one/believer speaks peace.


και λεγει τοις Φαρισαιοις. Ἐξεστιν ἐν τοις σαββασιν ἀγαθον ποιησαι ἠ κακοποιησαι, ψυχην σωσαι ἠ μη σωσαι;

And he says to the Pharisees; is it lawful to do good or evil on the Sabbath; to save a life or not save it?


ἀμην άμην λεγω, ὁ πιστευων ἐχει ζωην αἰωνιον.

Amen amen I say, the one who believes has eternal life.


ἡ ἐντολη αὐτου ἐστιν ζων αἰωνιος.

His commandment is eternal life.


και τα προβατα την φωνην αὐτου ἀκουει kαι τα ἰδια προβατα ἀκολουθει ὀπισω αὐτου.

And the sheep hear his voice and his own sheep follow behind him.


ἡ ἀδελφη ἡ πιστη ἐκραζεν τῳ Ἰησου. Ἐλεησον, κυριε υἱε Δαυιδ.

The faithful sister was crying out to Jesus; have mercy, lord son of David!


και ἐκηρυξεν ὁ Ἰησους λεγων. Μετανοειτε και πιστευετε ἐν τῳ εὑαγγελιῳ.

And Jesus preached/ proclaimed saying; repent and believe in the gospel/ good news.


λεγει τῳ ὀχλῳ συν τοις ἀποστολοις αὐτου. Εἰ θελεις ὀπισω του κυριου ἀκολουθειν, δει παρρησιαν ἐχειν.

He says to the crowd together with his apostles; if you wish to follow after the lord, it is necessary to have boldness.


ἀνθρωπος εἰμι ὑπο ἐξουσιαν, και λεγω δουλῳ. Ποιησον αὐτο, και ποιει

I am a man under authority, and I say to the slave, ‘do it’ and he does.


ἐλεγεν παραβολην περι χαρας.

He was telling a parable concerning joy.


μη ἀναγετε τυφλα θηρια εἰς τον ἱερον.

Do not lead blind animals up into the temple.


θεωπειτε το μνημειον;

Are you looking at the tomb?


ὁ Ἰησους έλεγεν ἐν παραβολαις ἀλλα κατ’ ἐξουσιαν.

Jesus was speaking in parables but with authority.


μη δοκειτε λεγειν. Ἐσμεν υἱοι του Ἀβρααμ.

You do not think to say; we are sons of Abraham.


οἱ Φαρισαιοι καταργουσιν την ἐντολυν της ἀγαπης.

The Pharisees are abolishing the good commandment.


πολλοι συνηγον θεωρειν το μνημειον.

Many were gathering to look at/to see the tomb.


λεγει αὐτῳ. Ἀκολουθει τῳ Ιησου και μαρτυρει.

He said to him; ‘follow Jesus and bear witness.


δει προσκυνειν τῳ θεῳ δια την δοξαν αὐτου.

It is necessary to worship God because of his glory.


ἐλεγεν ὁ ἀγγελος αὐτοις. Ἀκολουθειτε ὀπισω της φωνης αὐτου και μαρτυρειτε παρρεσιᾳ και χαρᾳ.

The angel was speaking to them. Follow behind his voice and testify with boldness and joy.


οἱ ἀποστολοι ἐκηρυσσον το εὐαγγελιον λεγοντες. Μετανοειτε.

The apostles proclaimed the gospel while saying ‘repent’.


το διαμονιον ἐδησεν αὐτην ἀλλ’οἱ Φαρισαιοι λεγουσιν. Οὐ δει και οὐκ ἐξεστιν λυσαι αὐτην ἀπο του πονηρου ἐν τῳ σαββατὡ.

The demon bound her but the Pharisees are saying; ‘It is not necessary and not permitted to free her from the evil one on the Sabbath.


ανθρωπος ἐδησεν τον Παυλον, ἀλλ’ ανγγελος ἐλυσεν αὐτον.

A man bound Paul, but an angel released him.