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time out from positive reinforcement

the withdrawal of the opportunity to earn positive reinforcement or the loss of access to positive reinforcers for a specified time contingent on the occurrence of a BX


non exclusion time out

means that the participant is not completely removed physically from the time in setting


planned ignoring

socially reinforcers, usually attention, physical contact or verbal interaction are removed for a brief period contingent on the occurrence of an inappropriate BX


contingent observation

person is repoditioned within an existing setting such that observing ongoing activities remains but access to reinforcement is lost


time out ribbon

a colored band that is placed on a child's wrist and becomes discriminative for receiving reinforcement.
-when ribbon is on reinforcement can be given


exclusion time out

person is removed from the environment for a specified period contingent on the occurrence of the targeted inappropriate BX.


partition timeout

person remains in time in setting but his view is restricted by a partition, wall or cubicle


hallway timeout

student is directed to leave the classroom and sit in the hallway


response cost

the loss of a specific amount of reinforcement occurs, contingent on inappropriate BX and results in the decrease probability of future occurrence of the BX


bonus response cost

practitioners can make additional reinforcers available noncontingently to the participant, specifically for removal with response cost contingency.