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Behavior Chain

specific sequence of discrete responses, each associated with a particular stimulus condition
-each is an individual component of a chain.
-each is an individual component of a chain


behavior chain with limited hold

sequence of BXs that must be preformed correctly and within a specific time to produce reinforcement



various methods for linking specific sequences of stimuli and responses to form new performances


task analysis

involves breaking a complex skill into smaller, teachable units, the product of which is a series of sequentially ordered steps or task


forward chaining

behaviors identified in the TA are taught in their naturally occurring order.


total task chaining or whole task

variation of forward chaining in which the learner receives training on each step in the task analysis during every session


backward chaining

all behaviors identified in the task analysis are initially completed by the trainer except for the final BX


backwards chaining with leap aheads

follows same steps of backward chaining except that not every step id trained. some are probed
-decreases total training time


behavior chain interpretation strategy (BCIS)

relies on the participant's skill to perform the critical elements of a chain independently, but the chain is interrupted so that another BX can be emitted