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What is transformational leadership from new leadership?

Charismatic leaders inspire and motivate, beyond contracts and offer:
- Intellectual stimulation
- Idealised influence
- Individualised consideration
- Inspirational motivation


What is distributed leadership?

Individuals are different levels of the organisation cam lead and implement change. Distributed leadership relies on flatter organisational structures, team work and communication.


How does John Kotter distinguish between leadership and management?

Leadership produces change and movement and management produces order and consistency


What is leadership as opposed to management according to Kotter?

1. Establishes direction: creates a vision, clarifies the big picture, sets strategies
2. Aligns people:
communicates goods, seeks commitment, build teams, coalitions and alliances
3. Motivates and inspires:
energises, empowers subordinates and colleagues, satisfied unmet needs


How does management differ from leadership according to Kotter?

1. Planning and budgeting: establishes agendas, sets timetable, allocates resources
2. Organising and staffing: provide structure, make job replacements, establish rules and procedures
3. Controlling and problem solving: develop incentives, generate creative solutions, take corrective action


What does Mintzberg argue about the distinction between leadership and management?

That leadership is part of management