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What ADP covers Unified Land Operations?

ADP 3-0

*** Land surveying tripod had 3 legs***


What is Unified Land Operations?

The Army's contribution to the unified action


What does Unified Land Operations describe?

It describes how the Army seizes, retains, and exploits the initiative to gain and maintain a position of relative advantage in sustained land operations through simultaneous offensive, defensive, and stability operations in order to prevent or deter conflict, prevail in war, and create the conditions for favorable conflict resolution


What is Army Doctrine?

A body of thought on how the Army forces operate as an integral part of a joint force

Act as a guide rather than a set of find rules

serves as a basis for decisions about organization, training, leader development, material, Soldiers and facilities


What are operational variables?

Physical Environment



What are Mission Variables?

Terrain and Weather
Troops and Support Available
Time Available
Civil Considerations



What does it require for leaders to project and sustain forces in the operation environment?

The ability to secure multiple entry points into an area of operations and the lines of communications that connect those points


What is a non-static operational environment?

An Army leader may conduct major combat, military engagement, and humanitarian assistance simultaneously


When discussing security threats, what is a hybrid threat?

A dynamic combination of regular forces, irregular forces, terrorist forces, criminal elements, or a combination of these forces and elements all unified to achieve mutually benefiting effects


What is ADP 3-0 based on and how is it accomplished?

It is based on the central idea that army units seize, retain, and exploit the initiative to gain a position of relative advantage over the enemy

It is accomplished through simultaneous combination of offensive, defensive and sustainments operations that set conditions for favorable conflict resolution


What are the Army's two core competencies that provide balance to the Warfighting Functions?

1. Combined Arms Maneuver
2. Wide Area Security


What guides leaders in the execution of unified land operations?

Philosophy of the command


What is the foundation of Unified Land Operations?

It is built on initiative, decisive action, and mission command


What is Offensive Operations?

Operations conducted to defeat and destroy enemy forecasted seize their terrain, resources, and population centers


What is Defensive Operations?

Operations conducted to defeat an enemy attack, gain time, economize forces, and develop conditions favorable for offensive and stability tasks


What are Stability Operations?

Military missions, tasks and activities conducted outside the United States to maintain or reestablish a safe and secure environment and to provide essential governmental services, emergency infrastructure reconstruction, and humanitarian relief


What are the 5 tasks for stability operations?

1. Establish Civil Security

2. Establish Civil Control

3. Restore Essential Services

4. Support to Governance

5. Support to economic and infrastructure development


What is combined arms maneuver?

The application of the elements of combat power in unified action to defeat enemy ground forces; to seize, occupy, and defend land areas; and to achieve physical, temporal, and psychological advantages over the enemy to seize and exploit the initiative


What is mission command philosophy?

The exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commander's intent to empower agile and adaptive leaders in the conduct of unified land operations


What is the difference between a campaign and an operation?

Campaign - a series of related major operations aimed at achieving strategic and operational objectives within a given time and space

Operation - a military action, consisting of two or more related tactical actions, designed to achieve a strategic objective, in a whole or part


What does adaptability have to do with leaders?

Army leaders must adapt their thinking, their formations, and their employment techniques to the specific situation they face

Leaders must have an adaptive mind and a willingness to accept prudent risk in unfamiliar or rapidly changing situations


What does adaptation require?

An understanding of the operational environment


How do Army leaders build "depth" within their organizations in space, time, and resources?

Employing security forces and obstacles, maintaining reserves, conducting continuous reconnaissance, and managing the tempo of an operation


What is meant by synchronization?

the ability to execute multiple, related and mutually supporting tasks in different locations at the same time, producing greater effects than executing each task in isolation


What is operational art?

- It is the pursuit if strategic objective in whole or part through the arrangement of tactical actions in time, space, and purpose

- Creating the military conditional necessary for the termination of conflict on favorable terms

- It is not associated with a particular echelon or formation, nor is it exclusive to theater or joint forces commanders


What are security operations?

- Effort to provide early and accurate warning of enemy operations

- Provides the force with time and maneuver space within which to react

- Protect the force from surprise and develop the situation so the commander can effectively use the force

- Include necessary actions to retain freedom of action and ensure uninterrupted support or sustainment of all other operations


What is the difference between a main effort and supporting efforts

Main - is the designated subordinate unit whose mission at a given point in time is most critical to overall mission success

Supporting - Are designated subordinate units with mission success of the main effort


What is a warfighting function?

A group of tasks and systems, organizations, information, and united by a common purpose that commanders use to accomplish missions


What are the Army warfighting functions?

- Movement and Maneuver
- Intelligence
- Fires
- Sustainment
- Protection


What is the Army's "proven formula" for success?

seize, retain and exploit the initiative to gain and maintain a position of relative advantage in sustained land operations through simultaneous offensive, defensive, and stability or defensive support of civil authorities operations in order to prevent or deter conflict, prevail in war, and create the conditions for favorable conflict resolution