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During the first year of the American Revolution what was established?

The American Continental Army


Who established The American Continental Army?

The Second Continental Congress


When was the The American Continental Army establised?

14 June 1776


How many campaign and battle streams adorn the Army Flag?

Over 180


What does the uniform represent for he Soldier?

They have become part of something far bigger than themselves, a chance to serve their country and change the world. It also means danger, long separations, grinding fatigue, and stress


What does the uniform mean to a Soldier family?

It is a source of pride and anxiety


What does the Uniform represent to the American citizen?

Patriotism, Selfless Service

It is recognized as a symbol of the United states the same as the White House to the Washington Monument


What does the enlistment oath mean to Soldiers?

Subordination to the Nations elected Leadership, Voluntarily give up freedoms that others take for granted, subject to military discipline and regulations, acceptance of unlimited liability in the service to the nation


What domains does the Army operate in?

Air, Land, Sea, Space and Cyberspace


Of the domains that the Army operates in which is the most complex? and why?

Land - it address humanity their cultures, ethnicities, religions and politics. These wars begin and end based on how it directly effects all of these areas. all other domains have an indirect effect.


What affects the success or failure of a land mission?

1. People

2. Secure Operations and Presence

3. Improve Partnerships


Why is it that the quality of Soldier can determine success or failure of a land mission?

1. Complex land environment allows for unintended consequences

2. Enemies employ terror, criminal activity and even messaging that can further complicate the mission

Therefore the Soldier must be able to handle all situations and be very well rounded


ADP 3-0 Unified Land Operations puts emphasis on what?

The necessity of synchronizing our capabilities with other services (Joint Services), other Government agencies (Interagency), other international government agencies (Intergovernmental) and military forces from partner nations (Multinational)


What is the basic premise of Unified Land Operations

To Combine
-offensive tasks
-defensive tasks
-stability tasks
-defense support of civil authorities (DSCA)

- Interagency
-Multinational partners


Why are civilian agencies considered indispensable partners with landpower?

1. Operate on land and depend on land power to create secure connections

2. to provide expertise and resources needed to reconstruct facilities


What is meant by landpower?

The ability to gain, sustain, and exploit control over land resources and people; by threat, force or occupation


What does landpower encompass?

1. The ability to impose the nations will on the enemy

2. Engage to influence, shape, prevent and deter in any operational environment

3. Establish and maintain a stable environment that sets the conditions for political and economical development

4. Secure and support bases from which joint forces can influence and dominate air, land and maritime domains


What action is the most tangible and durable measure of America's Commitment to Defend American Interests to protect friends and deny aggression?

Insert ground troops


What is the Army Vision?

The Army is globally engaged and regionally responsive; it is an indispensable partner and provider of a full range of capabilities to combatant commanders in a Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational (JIIM) environment. As part of the joint force and as America'a Army, in all that we offer, we guarantee the agility, versatility and depth to Prevent, Shape and Win.


What are the strategic roles that are captured in the Army Vision?

Prevent Conflict
Shape the International Environment


What is required for the strategic role of prevent conflict?

A Creditable Force

friends and enemies must believe that the Army is Creditable


What is required for the strategic role of shape the international environment to enable partners and contain our enemies?

1. Engaging with partners

2. Fostering a mutual understanding through military to military contact

3. Helping partners build the capacity to defend themselves


Why is it important that the Army meet their strategic role of Win and Win Decisively?

The ability to prevail in ground combat becomes a decisive factor in breaking the enemy's will.

If the enemy's will remains then they will continue to fight


In regards to integrated joint force; What does "prompt and sustained" combined arms maneuver mean?

Prompt- requires us to provide combat-ready forces immediately

Sustained-requires us to maintain Army forces in the fight until the president says otherwise


What are the two sources that the Army mission is based upon?

Title 10, United States Code

Department of Defense Directive 5100.01


What does Title 10, United States Code regulate?

It regulates the Armed Forces

Congress specifies its intent and requirements for the Army


What does the Department of Defense Directive 5100.01 assign?

It assigns specific responsibilities to the Armed Forces

Specifically - Organize, Train, Equip and Provide forces with expeditionary and campaign qualities


What is the mission of the United States Army?

To fight and win the Nation's wars through prompt and sustained land combat, as part of the Joint Force


How do we go about sustaining the Army Mission?

1. Organizing, equiping and training Army forces for prompt and sustained combat incident to operations on land

2. integrating our capabilities with those of other armed services

3. Accomplishing all missions assigned by the president, Secretary of Defense, and Combatant Commanders

4. Remaining ready while preparing for the future


What is meant by "Dual Nature" of the Army?

It is both a military department and a military profession