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What regulation covers ABCP?

AR 600-9


What is the primary objective of the ABCP?

To ensure all soldiers achieve and maintain optimal well-being and performance under all conditions


What is the secondary objective of the ABCP?

Assist in establishing and maintaining Operational Readiness, Physical readiness, Health and a Professional Military Appearance.


What are the major elements of the human body?

1. Lean Body Mass-includes bone, muscle and essential organ tissue
2. Body Fat


How does the body composition contribute to mission requirements?

Body fat is one indicator of physical readiness


What are the ABCP standards?

1. Must be screened every 6 months at a minimum
2. Only authorized method of estimating body fat is the circumference based tape method
3. Commanders are authorized to use height and weight table as a screening tool
4. Commanders have the authority to direct a body fat assessment on any soldier that they determine does not present a soldierly appearance
5. Soldiers identified as exceeding the standard will be flagged IAW AR 600-8-2


What Soldiers are exempt from ABCP standards?

1. Major limb loss
2. Pregnant and Postpartum Soldiers
3. Prolonged hospitalization (30 days or more)
4. New Recruits (180 days to comply)


What are commanders encouraged to do for ABCP and APFT?

Commanders are encouraged to allow 7 days between an APFT and height and weight screening

This is encouraged so that it does not interfere with the soldiers performance on APFT


What occurs while a Soldier is enrolled in the ABCP?

1. Soldier is provided guidance from the Unit Master Fitness Trainer and/or Unit fitness training NCO
2. Nutrition counseling by a registered dietician
3. Assistance in Behavioral Modification


What is the process once a Soldier has been identified as having exceeding body fat standards?

1. Notification counseling (3 working days)
2. Soldier Action Plan - submitted by the soldier to the commander, the soldier has read USAPHC Technical Guide 358, Provide the date and time of nutritional counseling, and the approach the Soldier intends to use to to work towards and meet the standard. Complete and retrieve results of ARMY MOVE!23 survey.
3. Nutritional Counseling with in 30 days of enrollment


How is the Soldiers progress monitored in the ABCP?

1. Measure Soldiers progress every 30 days
2. When necessary commanders and supervisors will provide additional support, guidance and resources to enhance success


What is considered satisfactory progress in the ABCP?

A loss of 3 - 8 pounds or 1% body fat in 30 days


What is considered to be failing in the ABCP?

1. Less than satisfactory progress for 2 consecutive months
2. Still exceeds standards after 6 months and has has less than satisfactory progress for 3 or more months (does not have to be consecutive)


What actions are taken when a soldier is found to meet the standards of the ABCP?

1. Remove the Soldier from the ABCP
2. Remove flag IAW AR 600-8-2
3. Counsel the Soldier on the importance of maintaining body composition and potential consequences of re-enrollment


What happens if a soldier fails a body assessment with in 12 months of being released from the ABCP?

1. Initiate DA 268
2. Undergo Medical Evaluation
3. Initiate separation if no underlying medical condition/illness is found


What happens if a soldier fails a body assessment with in 13-36 months of being released from the ABCP?

1. Initiate DA 268
2. Undergo Medical Evaluation
3. If no underlying medical condition/illness is found soldier will be re-enrolled in the ABCP and have 90 days to meet the standard
4. If standard is not met within 90 days then separation may be initiated


How does pregnancy affect ABCP?

1. If Soldier meets the standard and then becomes pregnant she is exempt for the pregnancy and 180 days following
2. If Soldier is enrolled and becomes pregnant then she will remain flagged for the duration of the pregnancy
3. Soldiers who are entered or re-entered into the program are considered first-time entries


What is the maximum allowable body fat for 17-20 year old soldiers?



What is the maximum allowable body fat for 21-27 year old soldiers?



What are the Key Components of the ABCP?

1. Nutritional Therapy
2. Increased Physical Activity
3. Behavioral Modification