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Which Army Doctrine Publication is titled "Protection"?

ADP 3 - 37


What is protection?

The preservation of the effectiveness and survivability of mission related military and non-military personnel, equipment, facilities, information and infrastructure deployed or located within or outside the boundaries of a given operational area


What is the goal of protection?

To balance protection with the freedom of action throughout the duration of military operations


How is the goal of protection accomplished?

By integrating reinforcing or complementary protection capabilities into operations until all significant vulnerabilities have been mitigated, have been eliminated, or become assumed risks.


Why must protection be considered throughout the operations process?

1. Identify the treats

2. Implement control measures to prevent or mitigate enemy or advisory actions

3. Manage capabilities to mitigate the effects and time to react or maneuver on the adversary to gain superiority


In what 4 primary way does the joint protection function focus on preserving the joint force fighting potential?

1. Active Defensive Measures - protect joint force, its information, its bases/base camps, critical infrastructure, and line of communication from an enemy

2. Passive Defensive Measures - Make friendly forces, systems, and facilities difficult to locate, strike and destroy

3. The application of technology and procedures to reduce the risk of fratricide

4. Emergency Management and Response to reduce the loss of personnel and capabilities.


What are the 5 primary principals of military protection?

1. Comprehensive

2. Integrated

3. Layered

4. Redundant

5. Enduring


What is the protection war fighting function?

The related tasks and systems that pressure the forces so that commanders can apply maximum combat power to accomplish the mission


How are the protection war fighting function tasks incorporated into the operations process?

In a Layered and Redundant approach to complement and reinforce actions to achieve force protection.


How may protection play a part in each of the 4 phases/steps of the operations process?

1. Plan - commanders consider the most likely threats and hazards and decide which personnel, physical assets, and information to protect

2. Prepare - Focuses on deterring and preventing the enemy or advisories formations that would affect combat power and the freedom of action

3. Execute - the continuous flow and enduring character of protection tasks systems essential during execution since commanders may direct or redirect the way combat power is applied or preserved

4. Assess - a continuous activity that occurs throughout the operations process


What are the keys to protection planning?

1. Identify the threats and hazards

2. Assess the threats and hazards to determine risks

3. Develop preventive measures

4. Integrating protection tasks into a comprehensive scheme of protection that includes mitigating measures