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Define working methods.

Way of working
Creative process followed
Preparatory work- for example preliminary sketches, photography
Working from life, photographs, imaginations, memory
Individual or collaborative
Commissioned or speculative
Materials and techniques used
Scale of work
Location- for example working indoors, in a studio, outdoors, on a specific site


What are some working methods that Samuel John Peploe uses?

Peploe would stand his canvas or panel on an easel, which he would paint standing up, often stepping back to check what the picture looked like. This allowed solid areas of colours which suited his style of painting.

Peploe would work in a studio. In a studio he surrounded himself with bright colours, lengths of material, flat boards, painted in pure strong colour tints, the walls whitewashed to keep the room as light as possible- so that it had no effect on the tone- 3D.

Peploe usually painted a picture in a single sitting, that is he stood at his easel and painted for hours until it was finished. He rarely came back and finished a picture the next day.