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Define techniques

Paintbrush, palette knife and modelling tools


What techniques did Samuel John Peploe?

He would use oil paints to paint his paintings and would occasionally remove the oil from the surface with a cloth. He has used this technique on the roses giving a chalky effect which emphasises the fragility of the flowers.

The texture of the paint upon the blue tablecloth, in the foreground, is very roughly applies and has only been blocked with a single blue colour showing little tone making it look 2D, giving it depth. But only the shadow behind the central vase pulls the table back down to its horizontal position.

By placing a mirror in the upper background you can tell that Peploe has been forced to work. Speedily, which is a rigorous technique, as the objects are reflected. Due to this the texture of the mirror is very rough giving a messy effect. This technique has also been done to create distance, Peploe has provided less detail as not o distract us from the focal point form the table top.