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Define Subject Matter

People, places or objects shown in the artwork.
Choice of subject matter-personal symbolism for the artist or viewer
Effect of the subject matter
Arrangement,of subject matter
Effect on mood and atmosphere
Effect on visual impact


What subject matter did Samuel John Peploe use?

The use of delicate links and yellow roses symbolises the concept of new beginnings by using the flowers as a device for colour, form and symbolism. This indicates the beginning if this style of painting for Scottish art and use of bold colours attracting the viewer giving a joyous effect by how he was influenced by the light of south of France giving his painting an enticing and striking effect.

Peploe has placed scattered books behind the vase indicating to the viewer that he was a middle class educated man who could read

He placed a fan in the background to represent and sub loose prosperity as it oreads out when we open it, similar of the blooming of a flower of the widening or wealth creating positive effect

The use of Japanese ceramic vase and fan introduces the theme of class and trends at the time. The possessing of such items was seen to be very upper class and traditions adopted by bourgeoisie families. For Peploe to have such items shows that lavish lifestyle he lived. By displaying objects in his art gives the effect of wealth.