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Define material.

Types of material
Dry media- charcoal, pencil, pen, oil pastel and chalk pastel
Wet media- oil paint, acrylic, watercolour, ink, pen and ink, gouache, and tempera paste
Mixed media
3D media- plaster, clay, bronze, resin, and found objects
Properties of the material, effect on mood and atmosphere.


What materials did Samuel John Peploe use?

Peploe used oil paint to paint his paintings which had extracts of turpentine he would often remove paint from the canvas with a cloth. He has done this with the roses to give a chalky effect and to show the individual delicacy of each rose.

Oil painting being a slow paint to dry allows artists to spend a long time on a particular area than other types of paint. Which provides for greater opportunity for blending and layering like he's done for the roses creating intensity.

Containers of extra oil or turpentine would be close to him if he wanted to thin the paint which crates transparent effects such as he's done on the ceramic vase to create delicacy if the vase.

Peploe primed his canvas before painting, the colour was important for him as he often allowed the colour to show through.