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Why is the working class obsticle so problematic for the nazis? [4 points]

•its the biggest social group.
•the german labour movement is the biggest in europe
•German 1918 revolution. Reminder of fonstant threat from left if things go bad.
•the left polled more votes than nazis


In 1933, what percentage of the Nazi party viewed communists as a bigger threat than Jews?



What happened in the 1933 terror against the left? [4 points]

• arrests, imprisonment, beatings
• banning of parties
• destruction of trade unions
• Reichstag fire


What replaced the Autonomous Workers Movement in 1933 as a part of the terror against the left?

The German Labour Front. It gives the outward impression of a trade union type organisation but more of a propaganda group to collect more nazi support.


Arguments for the Nazis succeeding in integrating the working class into the 'peoples Community'[4 points]

1) improvements to working class living standards. {Higher Wages, more jobs}
2) 'strength through joy' program. {1938 10m people involved with the leisure activities}
3)improvements in the workplace
4) restructuring of the working class {encouraging individuals, bringing in unskilled workers}


Arguments against nazis successfully integrating working class in their 'peoples Community'[5 points]

1) increase in living standards exaggerated
2) wages rose but so did hours
3) consumer boom impact exaggerated
4) unpopularity of increased control in the workplace
5) 'strength through joy' benefits exaggerated


State ways in which workers could oppose the changes [5 points]

1) work stoppages
2) slow down of production
3) widespread sick leave
4) demonstration of discontent
5) acts of defiance against workplace rules


What kind of feeling often came out of the work place after the changes? [2 points]

• workers scared of the monitoring
• discontent through fear