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Give an outline of the Catholic Church in Germany during the 30's [4 points]

• political parties (centre party, baverian peoples party)
•catholic youth - membership of 1.5 million
• generally conservative
•some bishops declare it a sin to join nazi party


Give an outline of the protestant church in germany during the 30's [3 points]

• More nationalistic than catholics
• 28 independant protestant churches
• tradition of loyalty to german state


What was Hitlers view on Christianity in 1933?

You are either a christian or a german. You cant be both.


Outline the nazis plans to unify protestant churches under leadership of german Christians [6 points]

• Ludwig Muller - Reich Bishop
• Aryan paragraph adopted
• old testament removed from the bible
•new image of christ
•demand of loyalty oath by pastors to Hitler
• churches display nazi symbols and decor


Outline the 1933 nazi attacks on the Catholic church [4 points]

•church trade unions shut down
•centre party disbanded
•church given organieational freedom so long as they stay out of politics
•social attacks on catholics - Pressure on catholic youth and catholic teachers


How did the church show resistance to the Nazi's? [4 points]

•Catholics and confessing church fought to protect the institutions
•protests against euthanasia and sterilisation
•nazi attacks on non aryan pastors resisted by confessing church
•heroism by some catholic and protestant clergy


How did the churches show consent to the nazis? [3 points]

•racial laws of 1935 administered by churches
•pope protested against attacks on catholic church but no other attacks
•church leaders publically supported war. Only protesting privately