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Outline women advances after first world war [5 points]

• right to vote
• more women in workplace (36%)
• restrictions to women in professions lifted
• women more visible in public life
• reforms on birth control and abortion laws


Outline the argument in the backlash of conservatives, nationalists, and church to women's advancements after the first world war [5 points]

• womens place in the home
• women in workplace threatens male jobs and family life
•'new women' causes decrease in birth rate so threatens race
• feminism undermines faimily and tradition
• Hitler - feminism is a jewish invention


How did the nazis get some women's support? [4 points]

1) older women and middle class warmed to ideas
2) promise of security in family life
3) placing women at the centre of national debate about health and morale values
4) appearing to give women respect


Outline the nazi employemnt policy for women [3 points]

•women expelled from state jobs
•campaign to deter women from university
•women banned from professions


Outline the nazi natalist policies for women (positive eugenics) [3 points]

• encourage early marriage
•education for mothers
•post natel care


Outline the nazi natalist policies for women (negative eugenics) [3 points]

• preventing 'unfit' from having children
• making racial hygiene an academic discipline
• sterilisation program - 200,000 women sterilized


Give examples to how nazis empowered women [4 points]

1) space for women outside the home
2) organisations had regional and local women leaders
3)nazi welfare policy provided oppurtunities to professional workers
4) nazi youth opened some oppurtunites


Give examples how the nazis did not empower women [3 points]

1) women had no say in nazi policy
2) women were objects to be mobilised rather than activists able to campaign for their own agenda
3) within the nazi project women were not liberating themselves but becoming part of a movement that oppressed women