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What was the first wave of repression against the jews?

• April - national boycott of jewish business
• April - quotas on number of jewish students introduced


What was the second wave of repression against the jews?

• Nuremburg Laws: laws protecting german blood and limiting of citizenship to those only with german blood


What was the third wave of repression against the jews? [6 points]

• Law making jews have to carry identity cards
• jewish passports invalidated
• jewish doctors lost license to practice
• berlin police release 76 point list on how to harrass jews without breaking the law


How were gypsies repressed?

• Nuremburg laws extended ban on interracial marriages
• interior minister identifies gypsies as one of the group's that might endanger the german race


How were black and mixed race people repressed?

•campaign against the rhineland bastards
•1937 gestapo commission sterilised 500 children- some only 11.


Give examples of 'asocials'

People with disabilities
Mental illnesses
Drug takers
Women with lots of sexual partners
Petty criminals
Gay people
Foreign migrant labour


Who did the nazis regard to be 'community aliens'? [3 points]

1) political opponents
2) jews, gypsies, black people
3) asocials


Outline measures that were taken against asocials [3 points]

•320,000 women sterilised
•2000 men castrated (habitual criminals)
•10,000 asocials sent to camps


How were gay people repressed?

• special department set up in gestapo to fight homosexuality
• gay people put on a register
• homosexual crimes convictions went from 948 in 1934 to 8562 in 1938.