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What is a worldview?

An interpretation of the world in which an individual or society lives


What is immanent worldview?

The belief that supernatural powers or divine beings dwell within the human.


What is the supernatural dimension?

Aspects of the human experience that is beyond its comprehension or ability to explain

An element that is attributed to the creation or formation of the current realm of existence


What are the characteristics of a religion?

Beliefs and believers

Sacred texts and writings


Rituals and Ceremonies


What is a belief and what is a believer?

Belief- an acceptance of something as real or true

Believers- the adherence to a particular religion


What are sacred texts and writings and give examples?

Written, visual or oral texts that contain the truths/stories of a particular religion and provide guidance

Examples include the bible, the Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, aboriginal artworks


What are ethics?

Moral principles that govern a person or group behaviours providing guidelines to proper and improper behaviours


What are rituals and ceremonies?

A set or series of actions performed in a proscribed order for religious meaning. The practice and practical application of beliefs.


What is a transcendent worldview?

A worldview which has a belief in a divine power or powers beyond the human.


What is a dynamic religion ?

A religious system that is able to adapt and change in relation to the social bounds of the time whilst still being true to its central beliefs


What is a living religion?

A religion which is relevant and in practice in the lives of its adherents and community


what is the contribution to religion to individuals and society?

-answers the big questions in life
eg. creationism
-provides a set of morals and an ethical system for adherents in which they can develop a meaningful relationship with their god
eg. ten commandments, the golden rule
-religion has the potential to fuel violence and conflict leading to great travesties
e.g situation occuring in the middle east and in western societies misinterpretation of the intents of islam
-religion can help foster a sense of belonging and conformity in a society through different festivals, rituals etc
-religion helps to foster true meaning for adherents