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what are the principal beliefs of christianity?

-the humanity and divinity of Jesus
- the trinity and the nature of god
-the death and resurrection of Jesus


what is Christianity's variants?

-Greek Orthodox


what is prayer?

prayer is personal devotion to god and the expression of willingness to serve god.


what are Christianity's core ethical teachings?

-the ten commandments
-The Beatitudes
- The Golden Rule


what are some types or prayer?


these forms of prayer often cross over with one another, they are not distinct


what is Jesus golden rule?

Jesus' golden rule is "love your neighbor as yourself". this statement acts to sum up all christian moral law in a very condensed way.

it is also challenging as it not only forces Christians to love others but also their enemies.


what is the bible?

the bible is a collection of writings believed to be of divine and human origin .

it derives belief and practice

it is split up into the old and new testaments


what are some reasons as to why the bible is significant for the tradition and in the lives of adherents?

-beliefs are in the scriptures
-source of core ethical teachings
-story of Jesus' life is entailed
-used for liturgies, rituals
-basis for prayer
-role in theology


why is the death and resurrection of Jesus important for Christians?

-Jesus died for all sins
-also is a reflection of the belief of eternal life, that is, Jesus had suffered and died, and then transformed into a victorious, glorified state, a state all Christians can aspire to achieve
-validates who Jesus was claimed to be, the son of god
-it proved Jesus' sinless and divine character


what is revelation ?

the transmission of knowledge from the divine to the human, that is, from God to all Christians


describe the christian understanding of Salvation

the belief that humans require deliverance by god from the power of sin and darkness


what are the three main features of salvation?

there are three main features of salvation
- the fruits of salvation can be experienced in the present life, but is only truly revealed once one reaches eternal life in heaven

- it is only through the grace of god through which humans can attain salvation due to life's obstacles

- Jesus Christ is the center for salvation, as it is through his death, life and Resurrection god has offered the world salvation


why is Jesus the model for christian life?

-he lived a life of prayer
-he lived of service to others
-he acts as an advocate for the poor
-he loves and forgives others


describe the nature of god and the holy spirit

god is described as a triune god, the redeemer, the creator and the light of life

-the redeemer is through Jesus Christ, his son
-the creator is the god which created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh
-the light of life is the holy spirit, a spiritual essence that is found and derived in all adherents, it is through the holy spirit all Christians are made in the image of god