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what are the principal beliefs of Judaism?

-monotheism, belief in one god
-moral law was divinely inspired by god
-the importance of the covenant


why is the covenant important for Jewish adherents?

-understanding the importance of the covenant reveals the Torah as the teacher and guide for life
- the covenant affirms a unique relationship with god and the Jewish people


what are the variants of Judaism?

Orthodox jews
progressive jews
conservative jews


what distinguishes an Orthodox jew from all other variants?

-traditional forms of worship in hebrew
-rejects modernistic adjustments
-described as Jewish traditionalists who accept the the authority of the code of jewish law


what distinguishes a progressive jew from all other variants?

-synagogues are known as temples
-religious services in local language
-men and women sit together during worship
-women rabbis
-lessening of the importance of traditional Jewish laws


what distinguishes a conservative Jew from all other variants?

in between othodox and progressive jews

- service includes prayers in English, but most of the service is in Hebrew
-accepts the authority of the oral torah unlike progressive jews


what do progressive jews reject in terms of belief?

-a personal Messiah
-Resurrection of the dead
-return to the holy land


what is shabbat?

"god blessed the seventh day and made it holy"

seventh day of the week, commemorates the creation of the world and also gods rest on the seventh day


why is shabbat important for Jewish adherents?

-elevates mundane activities to levels of great spiritual significance, it stresses what is valued
-stresses the freedom Jewish adherents have now and the freedom they didn't have when they were slaves
-apart of the covenant and renews a deep connection with god
-it sets priorities in a busy life, guidelines and a plan
- ties in a long line of tradition, community and culture providing roles in a liturgical celebration
-its a celebration, thus it brings people together and establishes strong bonds between adherents and with god


what is the most important Jewish sacred text?

The Torah


what is the Jewish idea of God?

-god is transcendent, immanent, and creator and there is only one of him
-god is without form, gender, he has no daughters or sons
-images of God are never shown in Jewish worship
-although he is separate from the world, he still manages to be apart of the world and its people