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What is the dreamings relation to the origins of the universe?

Ancestral beings awoke from the earth and shaped its landscapes. This period in time is referred to as the dream time. This is celebrated through a number of rituals, ceremonies, art, dance and song

Examples include the rainbow serpent, how the kangaroo got its tail etc.


What are the stories of the dreaming?

Recalls the way the ancestral beings shaped the environment as it is now known, laid down the laws and established the relationships and responsibilities.

These stories are conveyed through art, oral tradition, song and dance


What are the sacred sites of the dreaming?

The sacred sites are places which the ancestral beings become apart of their land. An individual's totemic relationship with the land in a particular way can be considered a sacred site for this individual.

Examples include: Uluru, Kata Tjuta(the olgas)


What is the art of the dreaming?

Art is the central part of aboriginal life and is intimately connected to the land, law and religious beliefs.

Art is inspired by the traditional marks and symbols from the dreaming

As aboriginals represent specific features of landscape, they show them in their mythical rather than their physical relationship to one another


What is the dreaming?

The dreaming is a belief system for the aboriginal people. It is a concept that is complex is true meaning and embraces aboriginal culture, tradition, and beliefs by connecting the past, present and the future


what are the main aspects of the dreaming?

-sacred sites
-ancestral beings