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A user has taken a substance frequently enough to produce clinically important distress or impaired functioning, and to result in certain behavioral characteristics. Found in connection with all classes of drugs but caffeine, it can even develop accidentally, especially from the use of medicine to treat chronic pain

Substance use disorder


This acute clinical condition results from recent overuse of a substance; this is the only substance-related diagnosis likely to apply to a person who uses a substance only once

Substance intoxication


This collection of symptoms, specific for the class of substance, develops when a person who has frequently used a substance discontinues it or markedly reduces
the amount used.

Substance withdrawal


These patients repeatedly gamble, often until they lose money, jobs, and friends

Gambling disorder


Substances with their own categories of disorders

- Alcohol
- Amphetamines and other stimulants (including cocaine)
- Caffeine
- Cannabis
- Hallucinogens (including PCP)
- Inhalants
- Opioids
- Sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic drugs
- Tobacco
- Other or unknown substances