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this chronic condition is characterized by unexplained physical symptoms; It is found almost exclusively in women

Somatic symptom disorder


The pain in question has no apparent physical or physiological basis, or it far exceeds the usual expectations, given the patient’s actual physical condition

Somatic symptom disorder, with predominant pain


The patient’s symptom or symptoms—changes
in sensory or voluntary motor functioning—
seem clinically inconsistent with any known medical illness.

- With weakness or paralysis; with abnormal movement (tremor, dystonia, abnormal gait); with swallowing symptoms; or with speech symptom
- With attacks or seizures
- With anesthesia or sensory loss; or with special sensory symptom (hallucinations or other disturbance of vision, hearing, smell)
- With mixed symptoms

Conversion disorder (functional neurological symptom disorder)


this is a disorder in which physically healthy people have an unfounded fear of a serious, often life-threatening
illness such as cancer or heart disease—but little in the way of somatic symptoms

Illness anxiety disorder


Patients who want to occupy the sick role (perhaps they
enjoy the attention of being in a hospital) consciously fabricate symptoms to attract attention from health care professionals

Factitious disorder imposed on self


A person induces symptoms in someone else, often
a child, possibly for the purpose of gaining attention

Factitious disorder imposed on another


These are catch-all categories for patients whose somatic symptoms fail to meet criteria for any better-defined disorder

Other specified, or unspecified, somatic symptom and related disorder


These patients know that their somatic (or psychological) symptoms are fabricated, and their motive is some form of material gain, such as avoiding punishment or work,
or obtaining money or drugs