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The ________ will be responsible for the procurement, storage, dispersal and disposal of controlled substances.

Logistical Support Facility


Errors made on the JFRD Controlled Substance Daily Checklist will be noted by ___________ and ____ by the person correcting the error.

placing a single line through the error



Discrepancies concerning controlled substances will be:

Reported to Rescue District/Battalion Chief 

• €Recorded in the company logbook, including circumstances 

• €Documented in the Explanation section of the JFRD Controlled Substance Daily 

• €Investigated by the Quality Improvement Officer and Rescue District/Battalion Chief with 
a discrepancy report provided to the Division Chief of Rescue and the JFRD Medical Director


Controlled substances with expiration date listing only the month and year will be considered as expired on ___________

the first day of the month listed


Monthly Chief Inspection- when?

(23rd, 24th or 25th)


Controlled Substance Inventory ALS Engine: Min. and max.?

Min. Midazolam 5mg

Max. Midazolam 10 mg