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A high-rise is any building which is?

4 floors or greater


Firs arriving unit. If fire or smoke is showing?

Initiate a 2nd alarm


If the first-arriving unit is an Engine, Ladder, or Rescue Company they will
report to?

the lobby with all appropriate equipment to begin operations.


Possible Command locations for a high rise fire include the following:

Outside the structure (in the Command Van, if on scene) • In or near the building systems control area
• In the Lobby


All crews will work for the IC or be assigned to ____________

an area of operation


A____ ____ ____ will be established to oversee this critical area of the structure.

Lobby Control Group


In order for elevators to be used, all three of the following conditions must be met: (3)

• Positive key control of the elevators is established
• Information indicates that elevators are safe to use
• Hoist-way is clear of smoke and fire


The elevators shall be taken no higher than

two floors below the fire floor.


Eng co. high rise equipment:

150 feet of 1 3⁄4 or 2 1⁄2 inch hose, nozzle, and the High-Rise Bag, which contains:
• 6 feet of 21⁄2 inch hose
• 21⁄2 inch to 11⁄2 inch gated wye
• Spanner wrench
• Pipe wrench (14 inch minimum)
• Marking device


Ladder high rise equipment:

• Combination ladder
• 6 feet ek hook
• 200 feet rope
• Set of irons (flathead axe and halligan married),
• Thermal Imaging Camera
• Hydra-Ram


Fire Tactics Floor priorities

Fire floor
Floor above
Floor below
All floors


The initial attack team will be?

The first-arriving Engine Company and first-arriving Ladder Company


The second attack team may be formed by?

The third-arriving Engine Company and second-arriving Ladder Company


The ____ ___ ____will evaluate the area 2 floors below the reported fire floor for its use as a staging area and to determine the overall layout of the floors above. This information will be relayed to ______

Attack Team officer



Each hose crew needs a relief crew to ensure uninterrupted hose line operation. Plan for intervals between reliefs to be no longer than ____ ____

20 minutes.


The search order shall be as follows:

1. Fire floor(s)
2. Floor above
3. Top floor
4. Work down from top floor


The primary area from which companies will enter the structure and begin their ascent to Forward Staging and the fire floor.



The ____ stairwell should be open at the roof. The _____ stairwell should be open at the fire floor only.




Air 5 has _____ feet of hose for remote filling.



1. Establish Command if first on-scene.
2. Report to the lobby with all high-rise equipment.
3. Establish initial Attack Team with 1st Ladder.

1st engine


1. Stand by the hydrant and be prepared to supply the
standpipe/sprinkler system.
2. At the first report of smoke or fire by on-scene personnel and upon the approval of the IC, begin supplying the standpipe/sprinkler system. Supply the standpipe first.

2nd engine


1. Report to the lobby with all high-rise equipment.
2. May be used to form a second Attack Team.

3rd engine


1. Establish Command if first on-scene.
2. Report to the lobby with all high-rise equipment.
 Establish initial Attack Team with 1st Engine.

1st ladder


____ ____ staging should be in the lobby, near the point of access to the upper floors
____ _____ staging Group should be established two floors below the fire floor.

Primary interior

Forward interior


___ ______ shall be conducted continuously in the Interior Staging and Rehab Areas

Air monitoring


1. Ensures air monitoring within the Rehab Area
2. Establishes equipment staging/shuttle system (one firefighter per two
floors).Ensures air monitoring within the Forward Interior Staging Area.
3.Controls stairways/elevators for attack and evacuation

1. Rehab

2. Interior staging

3. Lobby control