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The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department has the authority, with few exceptions, to assume Command of any HAZMAT incident. Some exceptions might include: (3)

 Marine incidents under the jurisdiction of the US Coast Guard
 Incidents on Military bases
 Nuclear incidents such as plane crashes involving nuclear weapons


A ____ ___ and a ___ ____ is required for all Hazmat incidents.This is required by federal law and is not an option.


Safety officer


The objective of size-up is to the following reasons:(3)

1. Identify the product involved.
2. Assess the nature and severity of the problem.
3. Gather sufficient information to formulate a valid Incident Action Plan.


Unless rescue is required, the IC should not commit personnel to
the Hot Zone until ______ _____ are available

decontamination capabilities


The ___ ____ Determines on-scene air requirements

Decon Officer


The size of the Decon Zone and the number of Decon Stations will be determined by the _____ _____.

HazMat Team.


Decontaminated personnel will be observed in the Rehab Area for a minimum of___ _____.

30 minutes.