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Confined Space refers to a space which:

• Is not intended for continuous occupancy
• Has limited openings for entry and exit
• Has unfavorable natural ventilation which may contain:
 A toxic and/or flammable atmosphere OR
 Oxygen levels below 19.5% or above 23.5%
• Is an open-top spaces more than four feet deep (i.e., trench)


Personnel should await the arrival of a District Chief before making entry into the Confined Space if any of the following conditions exist:

• The victim is obviously deceased
• The victim is out of the line of sight
• Entry cannot be made with SCBA properly donned (per
manufacturer’s recommendations)


The IC is responsible for ensuring that a ___ ___ ____Sheet is completed

Confined Space Command


The___ ___ will be responsible for monitoring the medical and physical condition of on-scene personnel.

Rehab Officer


Person in charge of the Hot Zone is _______



The Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) for a Confined Space incident. This team shall have 2 members for every 1 on the Entry Team,

Entry Rescue Team


All personnel entering a Confined Space shall don the following:(3)

• Wear a full body harness
• Wear an SCBA or SAR
• Have a lifeline attached