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The act of rotating the hand and wrist as a unit to provide the power for an instrumentation stroke.

Wrist motion /

wrist motion activation


Moving the instrument by flexing the thumb, index, and middle fingers

Digital Motion Activation


A swinging/Rocking motion of the hand and arm carried out by balancing on the fulcrum finger. The hand pivot is used to assist in maintaining adaption of the working-end.

Hand Pivot


The act of turning the instrument handle slightly between the thumb and index finger to readapt the working end to the next segment of the tooth

Handle Roll


The positioning of the first 1 or 2 mm of the lateral surface in the contact with the tooth. Correct adaptation of the working end so that only the leading third of the working end is in contact with the tooth surface



The action of moving the working end beneath the gingival margin into the sulcus or pocket. Curets are the primary calculus removal instruments for subgingival instrumentation. The working-end is inserted at an angle between 0 degrees and 40 degrees



An instrumentation stroke used to evaluate the tooth or the health of the periodontal tissues

Assessment Stroke


Compare and contrast the different types of instrumentation strokes.

Assessment: Exploratory and walking

Calculus removal: Short biting strokes
- Vertical Strokes (mesial distal interproximal
-Oblique Strokes: Facial and lingual surfaces
- Horizontal Strokes: Calculus deposits located line angles, facial or lingual root surfaces of anteriors, at CEJ of posterior teeth, furcation, narrow pockets

Root Debridement: Shaving


Describe the purpose of each type of instrumentation stroke.

Calculus Removal
Root Debridement


Discuss the importance of classifying the patient’s occlusion

Malocclusion can create unique patient needs
- A variety of oral hygiene options should be addressed
- Pain and or occlusal trauma from restorations or sealants if not using articulating paper


Must stand up on fulcrum to be able to



Aid in keeping tip adapted to tooth surface
must keep space between thumb and index finger to roll handle

Handle Roll