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An FRB is rated to carry how many adults?

The FRB is rated to carry up to 8 adults and it can be pulled or towed by line, paddled or powered.


Example message.

“From ………; at………… water operations level 1 implemented.


When additional resources are required to resolve the incident safely, a priority assistance message should be sent.

“From ………; at………… implement Water Operations Level 2.


How should you treat a casualty who has been recovered from the water, to prevent hypothermic shock?

keep the casualty in a horizontal position.


If the brigade is called to conduct a rescue the casualty should be presumed to be alive unless?

• There is strong evidence that casualty has been face down in the water for over 90 minutes.
• The body has started to decompose.
• The casualty is pronounced dead by a qualified doctor.