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Introduce self and session.

Hello my name is CM........ Thank you for attending today.
We are here to carry out drill yard assessment.


Health and safety briefing.

Is everybody fit and well?

If there is any reason you cannot take part in the session let me know.


Weather conditions.

Conditions are for the time of drill!

Rain may cover holes In yard.
Slippery underfoot.
Drain covers.

*Drill may start dry l, but will end wet!*


Station movements.

This an Operational Station.
(expect movements/visitors etc.)
Fire alarm.(is/isn't planned)
(Inc. muster point.)

Background noise. (Building site, traffic etc)


Words of command.

“Rest”- only given by IC.

”Still”- can be given by anyone.

“Carry on”- only given by IC.

“Head in”- can be given by anyone.


PPE Check.

(Include yourself.)

Can you all carry out a buddy buddy check. I am looking for any damaged/worn PPE.

Special attention should be paid to bottom of boots (even wear), gloves and clean visor/glasses.

Any items in pockets that aren't required are to be removed. We will not need torches or radios.


Aims of today’s drill.

Maintain uniformity and operational skills within the LFB.


Combined drill detailed and confirmation of understanding sought.

(Any questions?)

Stand to rear of Pump. (if weather conditions allow)

I would like 3/4 of you to form a Ladder Crew.

Rest of you 2/3 to get to work augmenting the water supply and supplying HR/Jet.

Ladder Crew- detail pitch.

Pump Crew- detail tasks.


“Make up”

I will be looking for the ladder to be replaced first on the “make up” to enable us to maintain operational readiness.

Hydrant gear.


Then hose!


Drill to be undertaken in a brisk but controlled manner with safe movement and manual handling skills used.

Slips trips falls etc.