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What are the two main forms in which we encounter asbestos?

Asbestos as used for insulation, gaskets etc.
Cement asbestos sheeting- often used in roofing materials


Which regulations cover Asbestos?

“Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2006”


What is the minimum restricted zone to be placed around an Asbestos incident?

Minimum 25m restricted zone around the incident – (greater if weather conditions and nature of the incident dictate.)


If asbestos is known or reasonably suspected to be involved, all crews designated to enter the
restricted zone should don what?

Breathing Apparatus (BA) and GTS.


ACM stands for what?

Asbestos Containing Materials.


Where it is necessary to commit firefighting crews into an area of known asbestos contamination
the IC should seek advice from either?

HMEPO or the SA.


Who is responsible for leaving the area clean of

Under Regulation 17 of CAR 2006 the LFB are NOT responsible for leaving the area clean of
asbestos. The duty holder should be made aware it is their responsibility to arrange with
appropriate contractors/authorities the clean up or removal of asbestos containing materials.


Will the LFB declare an area as safe?

(The IC may advise the appropriate responsible person (RP) of
any Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or other findings to assist the RP in their assessment of
safety. The responsibly for Health and Safety remains with the owner or RP.)


IC should risk assess what in relation to asbestos incidents?

The risk of committing crews outweighs the benefits.


What are the main objectives at an asbestos incident?

• Save life.
• Extinguish fire.
• Crew safety.
• Reduce risk to local community.
• Protect property.
• Decontamination of crews.


What should a Priority message state at these incidents?

“Asbestos reported”.


Who can assist with cordons?

The Police.


Where should appliances be placed?

Appliances placed upwind.

(All further appliances to approach from upwind direction.)


What should be set up before committing BA teams?

Set up decon before committing BA teams.

(unless asbestos involved is confirmed to be cement asbestos.)


All contaminated fire gear should be what?

All contaminated fire gear to be double bagged in red
soluble bags first and then polythene bags and labelled for specialist cleaning.