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Messages transmitted and received over Brigade main scheme radio are recorded and kept as evidence for how long?

5 Years


The talk group for the incident that is being attended is shown where?

Bottom of call slip


How should confidential or sensitive information be sent to Control?

By mobile phone located on a Command Unit


How long before Control contact the IC for a message after arrival at an incident?

20 Mins


What is the correct sequence of messages?

Assistance message.
Informative message.
Further assistance and informative messages as necessary.
Fire surround message for six pump fires and above or three main jets are being used.
Stop message.
Further informative message.
Request for reliefs/revisits.


What will all messages conclude with?

A Tactical Mode.

Tactical mode Delta (Defensive)
Tactical mode Oscar (Offensive)


What does a Stop message indicate?

It indicates that the incident is under control not that the fire is out, or that people involved have been located, released or rescued.


When must a “fully worded Stop” be used?

More than one hose reel is used.
Further assistance has been requested.
Unusual incidents.
Any incidents involving persons.


What must always be identified and included when the IC requests more than six pumping appliances?



Who can declare an incident persons reported?

Brigade Control or Officer in Charge.


What will Brigade Control always request at eight pump fires and above or an incident where persons may be involved or trapped?

An ambulance.

(It is important though that the IC confirms that the ambulance has been ordered or if it’s required)


When would Brigade control mobilise 6 pumping appliances, 1 FRU, 2 Command Units and additional senior officers and an ambulance?

On receipt of a “Major Incident Procedure” message.


What model is an established reporting framework to pass Major Incident information to other control rooms and responders?

The METHANE model.


What does each letter of METHANE stand for?

M-major incident declared.
E- exact location.
T- type of incident.
H- hazards.
A- access.
N- number of casualties.
E- emergency services required.


What must you do if the address of the incident is different to the one in the original mobilisation?

Correct address must be included in the first message back to Brigade Control.


What term would you use when you require any height vehicle?

Aerial appliance.


When would you get 3 FRU’s and 3 support pumps?

If you request EDBA.


All messages from incidents should be what?

Written down and checked before transmission.


What could you send if you have three or more main jets and all fires of six pumps in above, once all jets are in position and there is no possibility of further spread or further assistance being required?

A “Fire Surrounded”message.


What do all messages start with?

The originating officers name; FROM
and location;