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What equipment would be required for making a drug with a dilution?

Gloves and Apron
Sharps bin and clean receptacle
Drug chart
Drug and dilutent
Syringe, 1 needle and syringe cap


Before you begin, what should you check?
(7 rights)

Right person
Right drug (including expiry date)
Right dose
Right time
Right route
Right to refuse
Right documentation of allergies and prescription


Equipment has been collected, how would you prepare it?
(4 steps)

1) Don gloves and apron (if not already wearing)
2) Open equipment using no touch technique
3) Remove protective cap from vial and CLEAN the top
4) Fix needle to the end of syringe (still sheathed)


Equipment is ready to go, how you mix up the drug?
(5 steps)

1) Unsheathe needle
2) Holding dilutent upside down with needle in dilutent, fill syringe by pulling plunger
3) Inject drugs vial and depress plunger fully
4) Move needle slightly so it is out of liquid and release plunger, allowing syringe to fill with air automatically
5) Carefully mix drug and dilutent (with needle and syringe still in)


The drug is mixed, needle is in the vial, how do you draw up the drug?

1) Depress plunger fully, pushing air into vial
2) Invert syringe, needle and vial
3) Ensuring needle remains in the liquid, release plunger, allowing syringe to fill with drug
4) Remove needle from end of syringe (leaving it in vial) and cap off syringe
5) Safely discard sharp and vial