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What do you do first?

Wash your hands


3 I's

Introduction, identification, informed consent


Blood pressure: what equipment needed?



Before taking a blood pressure, what should you ask patient?
(4 things)

1) In the last 30 minutes have you: Eaten a large meal, had a hot/cold drink, had a hot bath, smoked a cigarette or gotten out of breath?
2) Are you on any blood pressure medication?
3) Are you wearing a hearing aid or have an ear infection?
4) Do you have an AV fistula, had previous surgery to chest and armpit, have any pain, swelling or weakness in either arm?


BP: When placing the cuff on, you should check
(3 things)

Size of cuff
It is in the right position (marker lined up with brachial artery)
Patient is comfy with arm well supported


BP: approximating
(2 steps)

1) Palpate arterial pulse
2) Inflate cuff until pulse can no longer be felt (systolic BP)


BP: accurate reading
(6 steps)

1) Place stethoscope over brachial artery
2) Inflate cuff (20-30mmHg more than the aprox)
3) SLOWLY deflate the cuff
4) Listen for pulse sound. This is systolic BP
5) Continue to deflate cuff
6) Listen for sound disappearing. This is diastolic BP


BP: to complete the procedure you would?
(3 things)

Wash hands
Thank patient
Document correctly


What is the 'tympanic temperature'

The body temperature of a patient, measured with a device inserted into the ear


Tympanic temperature: Before inserting the device into the patients ear you must...

Place a disposable cap on the end (this must be removed at the end)


Measuring pulse: Which artery is normally palpated?

Radial artery
(also, the carotid in some cases)


How would you measure pulse?
(3 steps)

0) (wash hands, if not already done so)
1) Palpate radial artery
2) Count the number of pulses in 15 seconds
3) Multiply by 4


Measuring pulse: What other measurement would you make at the same time?

Respiratory rate


Respiratory rate: How would you measure?
(3 steps)

1) While palpating pulse, watch patient
2) Count number of breaths in 15 seconds
3) Multiply by 4


After every measurement you should..?

Record in the notes!