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What do you do first?

Wash your hands


3 I's

Introduction, identification, informed consent


With giving a drug, what should you check first?

Drug chart


What are the 7 rights of drug administration

Right person
Right drug
Right dose
Right time
Right route
Right to refuse
Right documentation of prescription and allergies


What information would you look for on a drug chart before administering it to a patient?

Fluid to be infused
Volume to be infused
Rate of infusion
Time and date of administration


You are now holding the drug fluid bag in your hand, what do you need to check?

Expiry date
Double check against prescription


Equipment required

Gloves and apron
Container (kidney dish)
Drugs chart
Fluid to be infused
IV administration set
Stand to hang bag from


To 'spike' the bag, you would?
(3 steps)

1) Aseptically remove the cap from the fluid bag
2) Aseptically remove the cap from the spike
3) Push spike into bag, until it pierces


Before spiking the bag, what would you ensure?
(about the equipment)

Ensure the roller clamp is closed (so no flow occurs)


Before inserting the line to the cannula, you would?
(2 things)

1) Wipe the port of the cannula (and allow to dry)
2) Half fill the drip chamber (by squeezing)
3) Prime the line


How do you 'prime the line'?

With the end over a container, flush the line with fluid from the bag to remove air bubbles


What is the equation for infusion rate?

(Volume (ml)/hour) x (drops per ml/60)


At the end you should?

Check patients welfare
Correctly record in the notes