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First thing you do?

Wash hands


3 I's

Introduce, identify and informed consent


3 contraindications of IM

1) Recent IM injection in that area
2) Bleeding disorder
3) Anticoagulant medication


As well as contraindications, what should you check?



What equipment do you need for IM?

Patients prescription/drug chart
Gloves and Apron
Sharps bin and kidney dish
Wipes and swab
2 needles and 1 syringe
The drug (and dilutent if required)


What are the 7 rights of administering a drug?

Right person
Right drug (check against prescription and expiration)
Right dose
Right time
Right route
Right to refuse
Right documentation of the prescription and allergies


Prepping the injection
(6 steps)

1) Wash hands, don gloves and apron
2) Insert needle into drug solution
3) Draw up correct amount of drug
4) Remove needle
5) Purge bubbles
6) Attach new needle (leaving it sheathed)


3 most common sites for IM

1) Deltoid (upper arm)
2) Ventrogluteal (upper outer quadrant of buttock)
3) Vastus lateralis (Anterior lateral thigh)


Administering the injection
(5 things)

1) Clean the area (30 seconds, 30 second dry)
2) Stretch the skin
3) "sharp scratch"
4) Aspirate (blood means you have to restart)
5) Depress plunger slowly


Plunger is down, what now?
(4 things)

1) Remove needle
2) Release traction on skin
3) Dispose in sharps bin
4) Place gauze over the site of injection


To complete the procedure you would?
(4 things)

Thank the patient
Discuss post injection care (may be sore, watch for rash)
Wash hands
Document in the notes


Risks of IM

Pain for a day or two
persistent nodules
local irritation
Anapylaxis (very rare)