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Give 3 reasons why the number of commuters have increased since the 1960’s

Growth of motorway network, Cheaper mass produced cars, house prices, fast rail links.


What is the main issue facing towns and cities due to the increased numbers of commuters?

Traffic congestion


Give 4 potential solutions to issues facing towns and cities due to increased number of commuters?

Park and Ride Schemes
Bus lanes
Cycle routes
Flexi hours of work.


What are the 2 key issues Oxford faces?

Traffic congestion
Very high house prices


What do we mean by 2nd home?

Somebody lives in one home but has another they use for holidays or to rent ou.. Usually in rural or coastal areas.


What key issue does 2nd home ownership create for local people trying to buy houses?

Rural house prices increase and young local people struggle to afford them


2nd homes that are being rented out as holiday homes are problems for local people because...

In the winter they are empty so local services start declining.


Give an example of a remote rural area

Highlands in Scotland.


What problems are remote rural areas facing?

Low incomes and part time work leading to deprivation (poverty/poor)
Lack of services eg health services, schools, adult education
infrequent public transport leading to depopulation.


What do we mean by ‘sustainable community’?

A community which is able to support the needs of all its residents with minimal environmental impacts.


Give 4 ways we can create sustainable rural communities

Ensuring public transport is available for the times the community needs it.
- Securing investment from companies to create jobs in rural areas
- Fast and reliable internet connection
- Village services being encouraged to stay open by getting everyone to use them.
- Promoting the use of renewable energy within the rural area


What do we mean by an ageing population?

A high proportion of people over the age of 65


Give 3 consequences of an ageing population

Elderly people require more healthcare this is expensive
More money needed for state pensions
More people are needed to work in health and social care services.


Give 2 ways we can respond to an ageing population

Increase the retirement age
Encourage people to pay into a pension scheme from a young age.


Why have we got an ageing population? Give 4 reasons

Better healthcare so a longer life expectancy
Less dangerous jobs
Good availability of food
Expensive to have children.