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How do you work out the mean?

Add up all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers there are.


How do you work out the median?

Put the numbers in order. It is the middle number. If there is an even number of items in the data set, then the median is found by taking the mean (average) of the two middlemost numbers.


How do you work out mode?

Occurs most often.


How do you work out the Inter Quartlie Range of a set of data?

Order the data from least to greatest. Find the median.Calculate the median of both the lower and upper half of the data.The IQR is the difference between the upper and lower medians.


What physical features are an atlas maps?

Relief (Height and Shape of land), Drainage (Rivers)


What human features are on atlas maps?

Population distribution
population movements
transport networks
settlement layouts.


Every square on an OS map is ______KM



When finding a latitude reference is always given first followed by either N for North or S for South of the equator. The longitude reference is then given followed by E for East and W for West of prime meridian.



When describing the results of graphs, charts, maps what three things do you need to ensure that you do?

You say overall what you can see, You include data, You need to talk about differences (ODD)


How do you find a 4 figure grid reference?

Go along the bottom and up- The point where you reach you should draw an L and that is the square you need to look in.


How do you find a 6 figure grid reference?

Find the 4 FGR square first. Then spit the bottom of the square up into 10 and do the same for the side of the square. Look for the 3rd number along the grid reference along the bottom and the 6th number along the grid reference on the side.


How do you work out the distance on a map.

On a piece of paper or using a ruler measure the difference from one location to the other. You may need to move it around it the road etc is not straight. Then place this onto the scale. Ensure you write the units on the end e.g Km