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What does sanitizing mean and how is it generally preformed?

To reduce the number of microorganisms to safe levels
• after cleaning using hot water or chemical solution


Explain three involved when cleaning and sanitizing kitchen equipment and surfaces "in-place" when using household bleach solution

•wash surface with hot, soapy water
•rinse surface with hot, clean water
• sanitize by spraying 200ppm chlorine solution leaving wet for 45 seconds


What does cleaning mean and how is it generally performed?

To physically remove visible food
•soap or detergent & hot water


5 steps of manual dishwashing in three-compartment sink

• scrape
• wash
• air dry


Two main types of mechanical dishwashers are:

•High temp
• Low temp


Explain how a High temperature dishwasher works?

Uses hot water to sanitize; final rinse must reach 82'C for 10 seconds


Explain how a low-temperature dish washer works

Used chemical solution to sanitize (45 seconds) may be 100ppm chlorine, 200ppm quaternary ammonium, or 25 ppm iodine.


Describe some general measure that can be taken to control an existing pest problem or reduce the likelihood of getting one

An interested pest management (IPM) system can be used, general measures include
•pest control company
• adequate garbage removal and storage
• general house keeping
•checking deliveries for infestation