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Identify the requirements of a handwashing sink

Must have:
•potable hot and cold water
•liquid soap dispenser
•single service paper towels


Describe the appearance of a good handler exhibiting good personal cleanliness

•frequent hand washing
• hair confined
• clean outer clothes
• short fingernails
•minimal jewelry


List some actions that must be avoided when handling food

•picking nose
•touching face or hair
•not washing hands
•working when your sick


Why must someone with diarrhea and/ or vomiting be excluded from handling food? How long should they be excluded?

They could be ill with foodborne illness and shedding many pathogens.
• could be excluded for at least 24 hours after symptoms have cleared


Lost six steps of proper handwashing

•Wet hands with warm water
•dispense soap
•lather 15-20 seconds
•rinse hands
•dry hands with paper towel
•turn off taps with paper towel