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What is addressed early in the incident that ultimately helps the IC manage the biggest problem first - people?

Site management tasks


What is the major emphasis of site management?

Establishing control - Assuming command, isolating people - establishing an isolation perimeter and hazard control zones.


What should the IC do to protect responders and spectators?

Clear the most hazardous areas first and use an isolation perimeter/hazard control zones


What is established when the first-arriving unit responds to the incident scene, while all other units are ordered to stage at a safe location close to, but away from the scene?

Level I Staging


What is the highest strategic priority for any IC?

Life Safety


What is established as the IC designates a fixed location where resources responding beyond the initial response can be placed until given a tactical assignment?

Level II Staging


Without what, the HazMat scene will usually degenerate into an unsafe, disorganized group of freelancers?

Strong, centralized command


What facilitates safety and accountability by allowing for the orderly, systematic, and deliberate deployment of responders?

Staging procedures


What is employed as a resource management tool when an incident escalates past the capability of the initial response and for sustained response operations?



What is the designated crowd control line surrounding the incident scene to maintain the safety and security of the spectators and the responders?

Isolation Perimeter


What is the objective in setting up the isolation perimeter?

To immediately limit the number of civilian and public safety personnel exposed to the problem.


What are designated areas at a hazardous materials incident based on safety and the degree of hazard?

hazard control zones


What is the primary purpose of establishing three different Hazard Control Zones within the isolation perimeter?

To provide the highest possible level of control and personnel accountability for all responders working at the emergency scene.


Where should the public and the news media be located in an incident?

Outside of the isolation perimeter


What should be established within the Hot Zone to control any exposed personnel until they can be safely managed?

Area of Refuge


What should be established through air monitoring, and clearly marked and posted on the IC's tactical worksheet?

Hazard Control Zones


Most Hot Zone operations can be accomplished with a minimum of ______ personnel working for specified time periods using the Buddy System.



What is the purpose of the Buddy System?

To provide rapid assistance in the event of an emergency.


Whose key functions include staffing entry control points and patrolling the perimeter for unauthorized entry into the control zones?

law enforcement


For rescue operations in a hazmat environment to be effective, first responders must have:

1) the proper training
2) pre-established SOPs
3) appropriate PPE and equipment


What strategy involves directing people to go inside of a building, seal it up as effectively as possible, and remain there until the danger from a hazmat release has passed?



What is considered of a building that will greatly influence how successful protection-in-place will be?

age and construction


What is the controlled relocation of people from an area of known danger or unacceptable risk to a safer area or one in which the risk is considered to be acceptable?



What are implemented by the IC when the incident affects one or two buildings in the vicinity of the incident?

limited-scale evacuations


What is indicative of when an incident presents with several people exhibiting signs and symptoms of illness but there is no apparent source?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)


What is a situation in which occupants of a building experience acute health effects that seem to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified?



What should the IC consider in a suspected SBS incident where the signs and symptoms of the affected people become acute?

initiating a limited-scale evacuation


What involves the relocation of large populations from a hazardous area to a safe area?

full-scale evacuations


What must the IC ensure for an evacuation to be successful?

People are quickly alerted of an emergency in progress.


What manner does a good alerting strategy attempts to notify the populations at risk?

From closest to the danger area first then expand outward.