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What are among the most critical tasks in managing a hazmat incident?

- Surveying the incident scene to detect the presence of hazmats
- Identifying the nature of the problem & the materials involved
- Identifying the type of hazmat container and the nature of its release


What basic elements is the identification process built on?

1. recognition
2. identification
3. classification


What starts with a survey of the incident site and surrounding conditions?

identification process


What are the four basic areas in which can be potential locations of hazmats?

Production, transportation, storage, and use.


What is the initial objective that should be done in a hazmat incident?

Learn as much as possible about the problem from as far away as possible.


What are the second clue to the standard hazmat identification process and can be used as a clue for both hazmat recognition and classification?

The size, shape, and construction features of a container/packaging.


What is a receptacle, which may require an outer packaging and any other components or materials necessary for the receptacle to perform its containment function and to ensure compliance with minimum packaging requirements?



What are the three general groups that packaging is divided into?

nonbulk and bulk packaging, and facility containment systems


What may consist of single packaging or combination packaging - one or more inner packages inside of an outer packaging?

nonbulk packaging


What refers to packaging, containers, and containment systems that are part of a fixed facility's operations?

facility containment systems


What is constructed to performance or specifications standards mandated by DOT?

Nonbulk packaging


What are the five basic types of radioactive material packaging?

1) Excepted Packaging
2) Industrial Packaging
3) Type A Packaging
4) Type B Packaging
5) Type C Packaging


What packaging is used to transport material with low levels of radioactivity?

Excepted Packaging


What type of packaging is used in certain shipments of LSA material and COs, which are typically categorize as radioactive waste?

Industrial Packaging


What packaging is used to transport small quantities of radioactive material with higher concentrations of radioactivity than those shipped in Industrial Packaging?

Type A Packaging


What type of packaging is used to transport radioactive materials with the highest levels of radioactivity, including potentially life-endangering amounts that could pose a significant risk if released during an accident?

Type B Packaging


What type of packaging is used to transport by aircraft high-activity radioactive materials that have not been certified as "low dispersible radioactive material?"

Type C Packaging


What are packaging, containers, and/or associated systems that are part of a fixed facility's operations?

facility containment systems


What is one of the most important label markings that is located in the center of the front label panel?

The signal word indicating the relative degree of acute toxicity.


What is assigned in order to be used to determine the name of the material and to obtain hazard and response information from emergency response guidebooks?

Four-digit identification numbers


What must bulk containers transporting molten aluminum or molten sulfur be marked on each side and each end with?

The word "HOT" in black or white lettering on a contrasting background.


What are the safest and second largest hazmat transportation mode in the United States?

Pipelines and piping systems


Most gas pipelines are dedicated to one product.

However, liquid petroleum transmission pipelines may carry several different petroleum products simultaneously.


NFPA 704 is intended for emergency response, while hazard communication marking systems are intended for

facility employees and personnel.


What are PCB transformers and equipment required to be marked with?

black-on-yellow warning labels


The NFPA 704 Marking System

Health (Blue), Flammability (Red), Reactivity (Yellow), Special Information (White)


What are applied to both ends and each side of freight containers, cargo tanks, and portable tank containers?

Placards ~10.75-inch square


What can often provide data concerning the overall nature of the problem you face as well as the specific materials involved?

Monitoring and detection equipment


What is essential for identifying, verifying, or classifying the hazmat(s) involved?

Monitoring and detection equipment


What are not a primary identification tool?